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Vincent Justus Burnelli stands next to his Burnelli CBY-3 circa 1947What is "reinventing" history? As in George Orwell’s book "1984", it is rewriting history for the benefit of the few who are in control either of society or at least of a certain sector of society. Included in this definition there is the burial of some of the events or facts of history through any deliberate act – neglect being defined as an act when the facts are known and action is required.

Burnelli CBY-3 front view at New England Air Museum - 1996We have previously written how the Smithsonian Institution removed America's most important aeronautical genius, Vincent Justus Burnelli, from America's aeronautical heritage by eliminating any mention of him in the Smithsonian Book of Flight. The Burnelli Company and others have repeatedly protested this falsification and gross misrepresentation to the Smithsonian and the book's author, Walter Boyne (former Director of the Air & Space Museum), to no avail. One might construe this as just an oversight or maybe even negligence, but, when taken together with the actions of several other agencies and institutions, a pattern emerges. It points to conspiracy, collusion and fraud against the American taxpayer and travelling public.

NASA attributes the conception of the lifting-body aircraft to one of its own engineers, despite abundant empirical evidence and scientific facts that Vincent Burnelli invented and reduced to practice the lifting body principal of design with his 1921 RB-1 aircraft. (U.S. Patent # 1,758,498, filed January 6, 1921, issued May 13, 1930) . The Smithsonian still refuses to acknowledge Mr. Burnelli's rightful status in America's aeronautical heritage even though their archives department has an extensive collection of documents on Mr. Burnelli and his work. Add the refusal of  the Department of Defense to retract technical falsifications from a fraudulent 1941 report, which libels Burnelli technology, and we now have another confirmed accessory in the rewriting of history: The New England Aviation Museum (NEAM).

Burnelli CBY-3 in Labrador, Canada circa 1947 in tests to determine winter operational performance under extreme cold conditions In 1974, the New England Aviation Museum (NEAM) took possession of the last Burnelli built, the CBY-3, at the request of Mrs. Burnelli, who assumed control of the Burnelli Company on the death of her husband. Mrs. Burnelli became the victim of a fraud, whereby the Burnelli Company lost possession of the CBY-3. The NEAM graciously stepped in and arranged to take title to the aircraft and move it from Baltimore to Bradley Field, CT, where they declared it would be restored.

Burnelli CBY-3 carcass at New England Air Museum 20 years after NEAM received it.  It is now in worse condition than when they received it.Since 1974, NEAM would answer inquiries on the CBY-3 restoration with the remark, "It's next on the list." Somehow the CBY-3 never became "next", and it sat outdoors with cockpit windows open. At the same time, NEAM kept receiving more surplus military airplanes from the Pentagon, which, apparently, immediately took priority over the Burnelli CBY-3.

Dismayed by the lack of progress in restoring the CBY-3, the Burnelli Company finally wrote NEAM on August 16, 1999, offering to trade them a showroom 1904 Cadillac in good operational order for the CBY-3. NEAM rejected the offer by letter of November 24, 1999, and the CBY-3 remains neglected in outdoor distress after 27 years in NEAM's possession. The only conclusion we can draw from NEAM's reluctance to restore the only remaining Burnelli plane in existence, or to permit the Burnelli Company the right to do so, is that NEAM has joined the Pentagon, NASA, the Smithsonian and many others, including the Flight Safety Foundation. They wish to prevent the CBY-3 from ever flying again, thereby hindering further exposure of the tragic Burnelli cover-up.

Burnelli CBY-3 in Canadian snow for testing purposes -- 1947

Burnelli CBY-3 at New England Air Museum in 1996 - 20 years of deterioration - no restoration in sight.In light of the facts supplied above, and in light of recent events in New York and the ensuing ‘anti-terrorist’ legislation (which seems  to have more to do about restricting our rights as Americans than with actually preventing terrorism) we wonder if the next step won’t be slapping the label of  ‘terrorist’ on people like us, who dare to expose those whose interests lie elsewhere than with truth, integrity and justice. After all, if you can rewrite history, you can alter any fact or event for the purpose of muzzling your opposition (see also our article "Causing Terrorism to Fail").  The inaction of the New England Air Museum can only be an attempt at destroying the last vestige of Vincent Burnelli's achievements and a rewriting of history.

Burnelli CBY-3 interior - Tail booms stored inside.  Note deterioration of fuselage / cabin.This whole scenario is revoltingly un-American and imperatively demands your attention. The destruction, deliberate or by neglect, of Vincent Burnelli's last remaining aircraft (by a Museum!) may seem trivial to some, nevertheless, it is in the details that a society shows what it values (truth vs. lies, justice vs. injustice, liberty vs. slavery). It also distinguishes a museum from a propaganda machine. Many fly the American flag as a sign of patriotism, but too many don’t realize that patriotism isn’t just about flag waving. It’s about values. In America, it’s supposed to be about Truth and Justice – isn’t that the American way?

Burnelli CBY-3 twenty years after stated intended restoration - in worse condition than ever.

Are you a true patriot? What have you done for your country and for your values lately? We appeal to you to join our Burnelli campaign for justice. The Burnelli Conspiracy symbolizes, even epitomises, the egregious corruption that has enveloped the USA during and since WW II. As a consequence, we have witnessed lowering standards in many industries, including the airlines, particularly safety-wise. The great worldwide respect for our country of five decades ago has given way to growing hostility abroad - a direct result of pervasive corruption whether in private industry, government and non-profit foundations.

Pick up your pen and write a letter of protest to the New England Air Museum (find this and other addresses in our AvDirectory ), to your local newspaper, to your Congressman, to the Secretary of Defense, even to President Bush ... we patriots can't allow this to continue!

If this is happening with Burnelli, how many other instances of such historical manipulation and corruption exist?


"To an honest man, it is an honor to have remembered his duty."

-- PLAUTUS, The Three-Penny Day (c. 194 B.C.)

P.S. After publishing this story several websites picked it up, most notably  See their excellent article entitled "Burnelli Follow-up: There's Still One Left" [scroll down the linked page until you find it] which adds more information to what we've written here.  Please thank them for doing this story!
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