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The MEGAJET Question

Feb 11, 1997 - present day
(NASA remains silent)


NASA continues it's obstinate and unscientific refusal to recognize the facts.  In their latest letter (July 29, 1999), the Burnelli Company points out:

"Further, if you continue to maintain the statements in the Facts On Line document as true it will only point out that you are trying to cover up the fact that your organization is spending billions of dollars to "re-invent" or steal what was invented decades ago by Mr. Burnelli. This of course, should warrant some kind of investigation for the extreme waste of public funds associated therewith."

In their latest letter to NASA, the Burnelli Company should have pointed out the magnitude of the criminal negligence involved. 

Stay tuned for the NASA answer.  The bureaucratic contortions they have to engage in to avoid the issue is getting most interesting.

List of letters:

Note: In this section, no letters from NASA  are posted because NASA has not responded to any of the above Burnelli Company letters.
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