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Over the years, the Burnelli Company exchanged letters with a number of organizations and companies regarding their infringement of Burnelli intellectual property rights. The most notable among these is NASA (and its predecessor NACA.)

NASA has steadfastly held to the lie that "The original idea of lifting bodies was conceived in 1957 by Dr. Alfred J. Eggers Jr., then the assistant director for Research and Development Analysis and Planning at NASA's Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California." You may view this statement on their web-page, under the sub-heading "Background"

On October 11, 1996, Mr. Goodlin of the Burnelli Company wrote to Daniel S. Goldin, Administrator (head) at NASA and confronted him with the statement in the paragraph above - by the looks of it, it wasn't the first time NASA had been confronted. The Burnelli Company after confronting Mr. Goldin of NASA with this outright lie continued:

    "It is a matter of record and fact that our company founder, Vincent Justus Burnelli, had the original idea of lifting bodies, and he reduced this idea to practice in 1921 with his RB-1. He further developed the lifting body principle in the RB-2 of 1924, the CB-16 of 1928, the GX-3 of 1929, the UB-20 of 1930, the UB-14 of 1934, the UB-14B of 1935, the CunliffeOwen OA-1 of 1940 and the CBY-3 of 1946. In addition many other advanced lifting body designs were submitted to industry and the Pentagon four to six decades ago but they were rejected. These advanced technologies now appear in aircraft such as the F-22, the Aurora, the Douglas Megajet and the X-33 ."

    [see also Photographic Chronology of Burnelli Aircraft]

    We respectfully request that you immediately withdraw the above mentioned "FACT" sheet from circulation and replace it with a correction, showing that Mr. Burnelli conceived the lifting body design principle in 1920 and reduced it to practice in 1921 with his RB-1. Kindly send us a copy of the corrected FACT sheet."

On October 28, 1996, NASA, in the name of Richard S. Christiansen, responded as follows:

    "It is evident by the record of correspondence between NASA and yourself over the past 30 plus years that we will continue to disagree with the many claims you have put forth."
The Burnelli Company sent further correspondence in reply to Mr. Goldin's answer (via Richard S. Christiansen) on December 9, 1996 and January 13, 1997. On the latter date the Burnelli Company wrote:
    "I regret to advise you that, despite our letter to you of December 9, 1996, we have not received answers to our letters of October 7 and October 11, 1996. Nor has NASA made a correction of the misinformation issued in the NASA Fact Sheet on Internet. We trust you realize that your refusal to respond to the above-mentioned serious letters amounts to malfeasance and we urge you to respond without further delay."
The Burnelli Company sent a reminder on January 29 and February 10, 1997 and on February 20, 1997, Alan J. Kennedy, Patent Attorney, Office of the Associate General Counsel (Intellectual Property) answered as follows:
    "Your letters dated January 29 and February 10, 1997, have been referred to me for review. In a letter to you dated October 28, 1996, from Mr. Richard S. Christansen, Director, Aerospace Research Division (copy enclosed), you were informed that NASA will continue to disagree with the many claims you have alleged over the last 30 years regarding the lifting body aircraft design concept advocated by Mr. Vincent Burnelli. NASA, therefore, considers this matter closed. However, NASA will consider new design concepts you have as well as any unexpired patents."
Please note that in the above response, the attorney doesn't address the issue of the NASA Fact Sheet.

[Joke or not? You be the judge: Do you know what N.A.S.A. stands for? We figured you wouldn't but the last paragraph above was a clue. A BIG CLUE.
Think about it and if you think you know - click here for the answer. The correspondence speaks for itself, keep reading --- Joke ... or not?.]

If you have comments regarding NASA's position and would like to see what they have to say for their behavior, you may write to them at

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