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January 8, 2001


 Burnelli RB-2 Flies Again  

Over the last few years, many people expressed to us that they had a keen interest in the remote control model building field. Until now, we have not made any major announcements in that regards but we've have learned that remote controlled Burnelli models have made their appearance in England, France, Switzerland and the USA.Burnelli RB-2 model making high-speed low level pass

One of the most exciting is a model of the 1924 Burnelli RB-2 which was built in the spring of 2000 by Pennsylvania's Alan Heim. At last count, the RB-2 has made 110 flights and has created considerable interest. Mr. Heim has favored with his story and a number of photos which we are pleased to present to our viewers at  (you must read and agree to the terms and conditions prior to being presented with a menu where you can select the RB-2 build story, pictures and plans.)

These are the first color pictures of an RB-2 and we can't stress enough the beautiful job Mr. Heim has done on building this airplane. The few black and white pictures we had really didn't do it justice.

We are particularly pleased that Mr. Heim shared his pictures and story with us as he has told us, Model Airplane News, the leading model airplane magazine, will doing a construction article on his plane (including plans) in the near future.

We sincerely hope you will take a few minutes to visit this new addition to our site as we are sure you too will enjoy seeing such fine workmanship in what was the cargo version (1924) of the RB-1 plane that reduced the lifting-body principle to practice in 1921.

It's more than a model. It's both history and the future.


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